Southeast Asia Major 2017

Capcom Pro Tour Online Ranking Tournament for Southeast Asia this 24th June (10AM GMT+8)! SIGN UP NOW! on

– Eligible Regions Asia (Region 2): Events 2 and 4

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea


Last year, the response to the Capcom Pro Tour Online Ranking Events was nothing short of amazing with brackets getting filled up in no-time and the broadcasts themselves showcasing some of the most hype matches of the season. Once the dust settled, one thing was clear: the community wanted more!

We’re doubling down on the CPT Online this year with bigger brackets and more events. We’ve also made adjustments to the regions to ensure players are competing against others within reasonable proximity to ensure the best online tournament experience.

With points being more important than ever with the new Capcom Pro Tour structure, you won’t want to miss any of these evens if you want to secure your spot in Capcom Cup this year.

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