SOULCALIBUR VI is the latest edition of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s weapon-based fighting video game franchise. The central motif of the series, set in a historical fantasy version of the late 16th and early 17th centuries, are mythical swords, the evil weapon called ‘Soul Edge’ and the subsequent sword used to oppose this evil, ‘Soul Calibur’. 

BEast of the East, the largest console and fighting game organizer in Asia is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural SOULCALIBUR ASIA LEAGUE. Managed and produced by BEast of the East, the SOULCALIBUR ASIA LEAGUE will comprise of SOULCALIBUR tournaments around Asia, and seeks to bring together the best SOULCALIBUR VI players, to compete in a 7 month league that culminates in the SOULCALIBUR ASIA LEAGUE FINALS at SEA MAJOR 2019 in Singapore this October.

The SOULCALIBUR ASIA LEAGUE will kick-off in Singapore on April 27-28 at Versus Masters 2019 presented by PVP Esports, with additional BATTLE stops in Taipei (Taiwan), Bangkok (Thailand), Tokyo (Japan) and Penang (Malaysia). The BEast team looks forward to working with the SOULCALIBUR community to grow and establish a tournament league that showcases the best SOULCALIBUR gameplay and players in the region.  

For more information on SOULCALIBUR ASIA LEAGUE, visit the official website at

SOULCALIBUR VI is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The SOULCALIBUR ASIA LEAGUE will be played on the PS4. Register now or catch the action online at and!